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Sunday, Jul. 22, 2018
Newcomers and vets combine for Lively Ryder Cup win
by Randy Pascal

Taking full advantage of hosting day three of the 2017 Ryder Cup, the Lively Golf Club squad picked up six of a maximum eight points available, finishing with a three day total of 12, two better than the Idylwylde.

Team Lively did it with a mixed bag of talent, some very familiar names to the competition, as well as first timers Nico Presot and Conrad Naponse. The latter, in fact, completed his tournament a perfect three for three, taking his singles match 2 & 1 over Jeremy Beauvais of Timberwolf on Sunday.

“It was a good experience, getting to know the guys, some that I have never played with before,” said Naponse, an 18 year old recent graduate of St Benedict Catholic Secondary School. “I like the team aspect.”

Like most of the young golfers in the area, Naponse was clearly more comfortable on the course that he will play several times a week, during the summer. “The Idylwylde was toughest,” he said. “I haven’t played a lot of practice rounds there and I wasn’t too straight off the tee, but I grinded it out to get a good score.”

Making his tenth appearance in the local rivalry, Tom Cunningham knew that he and his Lively mates were in pretty good shape coming home. “Generally, the way you look at it is if you can get five points in the first two days, you’re doing OK,” he said. “Lively is a little bit different than Timberwolf or the Idylwylde, so we have an advantage coming here.”

“Our traps are hard and need a bit of love and care, and we learn how to play out of them. You get some lies in our fairways that are not as flat as the other two, our greens are a little different, some awkward breaks there.”

Throw in some well-timed fine-tuning of his game, and the makings of a successful weekend were all on hand. “This is probably the best I’ve hit the ball in the Ryder Cup in the past six or seven years,” said Cunningham.

“It just happened to be that week. I figured out a few things hitting balls with my son this week.” Rounding out the championship winning Lively roster were John Palys, Curtis Tammi, Brent Hatton, Dan Couillard and Brian Ceaser.

Ironically, this marked the third straight time that Lively has won the event while hosting day three of the competition.

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