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Friday, Apr. 20, 2018
Five teams represented in top SDSSAA football awards
by Randy Pascal

Sudbury and area high school football coaches were all about sharing the wealth in 2016, as no less than five different schools were represented via the winners of the SDSSAA Football major awards, announced last week.

The top-end hardware winners included:

Graeme Stevens (Lo-Ellen) - Sid Forster Most Outstanding Player

Kyler Showell (Lockerby) - Most Valuable Player

Bankamina N'Galamulume (St Charles) - Chris Bartolucci Offensive Player of the Year

Curtis Theobald (Confederation) - Gary Ricker Defensive Player of the Year

Zacharie Corcoran (St Benedict) - Mike Derks Lineman of the Year

The league also announced the players that were named to both the first and second all-star teams, as follows:

First Team All-Stars
Nicholas Rideout (Lively) - quarterback
Graeme Stevens (Lo-Ellen) - running back
Bankamina N'Galamulume (St Charles) - running back
Noah Skuce (Lo-Ellen) - receiver
Darcy Labelle (Lo-Ellen) - receiver
Matt Bell (St Charles) - receiver
Brad Patterson (Confederation) - receiver
Ryan Mathewson (Confederation) - receiver
Kyler Showell (Lockerby) - lineman
Cory Blanchard (Confederation) - lineman
Benen Dupont (Lively) - lineman
Zach Corcoran (St Benedict) - lineman
Ben Taylor (Lo-Ellen) - lineman
Chris Leon (St Charles) - lineman

Brandon Maki (Lo-Ellen) - lineman
Lee Kmyta (St Charles) - lineman
Matt Stadnyk (Lively) - lineman
John McMahon (Lockerby) - lineman
Curtis Theobald (Confederation) - linebacker
Graeme Stevens (Lo-Ellen) - linebacker
Andrew Kohut (St Charles) - linebacker
Jeremy Welsh (Lively) - linebacker
Tyler Michaud (St Charles) - linebacker
Calvin Puro (St Benedict) - defensive back
Simon Cope (Lo-Ellen) - defensive back
Andrew North (Confederation) - defensive back
Callum Roque (St Charles) - defensive back
John Matheson (Lively) - defensive back

Kyle Preseau (Confederation) - punter
Keegan Prefontaine (Lively) - kicker
Jared Loyer (Lockerby) - punt returner
Brad Patterson (Confederation) - punt returner
Matt Bell (St Charles) - kick returner
Noah Skuce (Lo-Ellen) - kick returner

Second Team All-Stars
Kyle Preseau (Confederation) - quarterback
Max MacGillivray (St Benedict) - running back
Jared Loyer (Lockerby) - running back
Luke Crepeau (Lasalle) - running back
Gage Louis (St Charles) - receiver
Alain Huneault (St Benedict) - receiver
Calvin Sawyer (Lockerby)- receiver
Nicholas Witzke (Lively) - receiver
Matt England (St Charles) - lineman
Tyler O'Link (Lockerby) - lineman
Logan Bleach (Confederation) - lineman
Frank Pegahmagabow (St Charles) - lineman
Brandon Maki (Lo-Ellen) - lineman
Riley Noland (Confederation) - lineman

Derek Mullin (Lockerby) - lineman
Ethan Lamarche (St Charles) - lineman
Braedyn Charette (Confederation) - lineman
Jackson Gutsch (St Benedict) - lineman
Conner Carbonneau (St Charles) - linebacker
Michael Andlar (St Benedict) - linebacker
Korbin Cecchini (Lockerby) - linebacker
Jaymes Green (Notre-Dame) - linebacker
Nick Crawford (Lasalle) - defensive back
Carter Struk (St Charles) - defensive back
Brett Boileau (Confederation) - defensive back
Dawson Nootchtai (St Benedict) - defensive back
Eric Michaud (Lockerby) - defensive back

Bankamina N'Galamulume (St Charles) - punter
Bankamina N'Galamulume (St Charles) - kicker
Carter Struk (St Charles) - punt returner
Darcy Labelle (Lo-Ellen) - punt returner
Seth Leroux (Confederation) - kick returner
Josh Wilcox (St Benedict) - kick returner

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