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Saturday, Jun. 23, 2018
Early Bird wrestling attracts quite a crowd
by Randy Pascal

With wrestlers from Orillia, Barrie, Ottawa, St Cesaire (Québec), Sault Ste Marie, Renfrew, Timmins, Montreal and Elliot Lake among those in attendance at the 2016 Early Bird Meet Saturday at Macdonald-Cartier, it was going to be interesting to see who, among the locals, could still rise to the top of their weight class.

Given the level of overall competitiveness in the field, it was impressive to see the likes of Maxim Boucher (Champlain), Franck Shu Atoh (Sacré Coeur), Kole Poitras-Paulin (Lasalle), Brooke Sagle (Lively), Jasmine Tessier (Macdonald-Cartier), André Larocque (Notre-Dame), Hunter Larabie (Macdonald-Cartier) and Racha El-Darazi (Confederation) all claim first place finishes.

The well-attended event included categories for high school wrestlers (rookies were grade 9/10 cadets), with plenty of local content, right across the board. Following are the weight class winners for all divisions, along with top local finisher:

High School Boys
47.5 kg - Liam Warboys (Mariposa)
51 kg - Gabriel Labas (Mariposa); 2nd - Andrew Paris (Lasalle)
54 kg - Logan Arsenault (Mariposa)
57.5 kg - Alexander Sterling (Mariposa); 4th - Joshua Nielsen (ESMC)
61 kg - Natael Lebrun-Cantin (YMHA Montreal); 5th - Brandon St Louis (St Charles)
64 kg - Maxim Boucher (Champlain)
67.5 kg - Samuel Rainville (St Cesaire); 4th - Simon Marcotte (Notre-Dame)
72 kg - Jaskaran Singh (YMHA Montreal); 3rd - Eric Tessier (ESMC)
77 kg - Aaron Orszak (YMHA Montreal); 4th - Jesse Saunders (Lasalle)
83 kg - Julien Choquette (YMHA Montreal)
89 kg - Franck Shu Atoh (Sacré Coeur)
95 kg - Jonathan Campagnolo (YMHA Montreal); 3rd - Darryl Cooper (Sacré Coeur)
130 kg - Kole Poitras-Paulin (Lasalle)

High School Girls
54 kg - Erin Rainville (St Cesaire); 3rd - Manon Paquette (ESMC)
57.5 kg - Kaya Dube Snow (YMHA Montreal); 6th - Cassidy Barrett (Sby Secondary)
61 kg - Ayla Thurston (Elliot Lake)
64 kg - Brooke Sagle (Lively)
67.5 kg - Leigha Smith (Mariposa)
72 kg - Alexandria Campbell (YMHA Montreal); 3rd - Taylor Labelle (Sby Secondary)
77 kg - Alexia Sherland (YMHA Montreal); 2nd - Zoe Mullin (LOE)
93 kg - Jasmine Tessier (ESMC)
115 kg - Racha El-Darazi (CFD)

Rookie Boys
38 kg - Ian Stirling (Mariposa)
41 kg - Logan Smith (Mariposa)
47.5 kg - Marius Samson (YMHA Montreal); 3rd - Shawn Gauthier (Lasalle)
51 kg - Jason Luneau (YMHA Montreal)
54 kg - Nicolae Gandrabura (YMHA Montreal); 3rd - Christian Yule (Lasalle)
57.5 kg - André Larocque (Notre Dame)
61 kg - Brandon Fisher (Elliot Lake); 2nd - Dakota Rowlinson (Notre Dame)
64 kg - Adam Boyle (Elliot Lake); 2nd - Dakota Poitras (Lasalle)
67.5 kg - Hunter Larabie (ESMC)
72 kg - Dayton Niemi (Lively)
77 kg - Colin White (Mariposa); Jacob Bertrand (Notre Dame)
83 kg - Gord Wright (Mariposa); 3rd - Jacob Laquerre (NOtre Dame)
89 kg - Jacob Maniaclo (St Mary's); 2nd - Kieran Rush (Notre Dame)
95 kg - Jessy Audet (Korah)
115 kg - Coles McKee (NCWC Ottawa); 2nd - Dylan Jewitt (Lively)

Rookie Girls
41 kg - Marylynn Sinclair (ESMC)
44 kg - Jessica Hong (NCWC Ottawa); 3rd - Fiona Purpura (ESMC)
47.5 kg - Teyah Schofield (Superior Heights - SSM); 2nd - Dziane Dillon (ESMC)
51 kg - Emily Duchesne (Korah); 3rd - Kiersten Fowler (ESMC)
54 kg - Morgan Leonard (St Mary's)
57.5 kg - Jolie Brisco (Renfrew); 3rd - Sheila Esquib (Lasalle)
61 kg - Savana Pinset (Renfrew); 2nd - Brier Johnson (St Charles)
64 kg - Emma Aigeldinger (Mariposa); 3rd - Brook Moreau (Notre Dame)
67.5 kg - Leigha Smith (Mariposa); 4th - Cloe Madore Bouffard (ESMC)
72 kg - Ashley Campioni (St Mary's); 5th - Isabelle Minor (Notre Dame)
77 kg - Isabelle Bedrad (Timmins)
83 kg - Jasmine Tessier (ESMC)
UNL - Allie Wallis (Mariposa); 2nd - Halle Shannon (CFD)

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