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Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017
Trampolinist Pauleena Moote attends her first Easterns
by Randy Pascal

A steady stream of progression has paid off for 14 year old Sudbury GymZone trampolinist Pauleena Moote. Gradually working her way through the ranks since she began to compete, provincially, some four years ago, the grade nine student at Lasalle Secondary will take part in her first Eastern Canadian Championships in early May in Quebec City.

It’s a pre-cursor to the national level competitions she will attend next year, and represents just the latest step forward for the first female Sudbury Laurels athlete to reach this goal, in the trampoline classification.

“I have a higher degree of difficulty now, and a lot more skills, obviously,” said Moote. “It’s really just about perfecting everything – pointing your toes, straightening your legs, not having your fingers together, and your kickouts have to be really sharp – everything like that.”

First approached by coach Michelle Seanor, back in 2015, about the possibility of advancing to the national stream, Moote noted some pros and cons, in terms of getting her routine to the stage she would like it.

“I have two skills that I am still working on, my back full and my “Rudy”, but I didn’t think I would be completing two doubles in my routine this year, so that’s pretty cool,” she said.

Excited and nervous at the prospect of now matching up with athletes from other provinces, Moote occasionally draws inspiration from her talented teammates, as she envisions what her routine might look like a year or two down the road.

“A lot of the doubles that Kyle (Lapierre) and Seb (Larochelle) do, I can’t even really tell what they are,” she said with a laugh. “I just see them, and know they look cool.”

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